How to kill your blog…

What is the point of having a blog when the posts say something like this… 

“I give some of my key learnings from what I learned from my time at PodTech over on FriendFeed.” 
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I don’t want to Scoble bash (not now anyway) but this is a joke.

Cost cutting…

So it isn’t just me. I hate it when you go to a hotel, restaurant or the office and find that they’ve cut back on something and “forgotten” to tell me.

“In my mind, a brand is built on a historic value proposition that builds a certain loyalty. If you start messing with the perceived benefits, those adjustments can’t do anything but hurt the long-term interest of the business. I understand the need to be frugal, but I wish decision-makers had a better sense of what matters in the customers’ eyes.” 
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Knol off to a great start…

…with people writing articles about themselves and then giving themselves 5 star ratings!
 Rachel Marsden – a knol by Rachel Marsden
Makes you wonder if knol can scale quickly. After all Wikipedia had a lot of organization in place when it became mainstream. Google can’t do anything low key these days and therefore they need to move quickly to get a board and reviewers in place.
Maybe they need to buy Mahalo just to get their hands on the resources. 

Paris in August…

I moved to Paris in July 1996 and all I can remember is the heat. Day after day of sun baked streets and each evening the heat of the tarmac as it released the heat that it has stored during the day. 

Paris is quieter during the summer; however it would be greater without all the English tourists!!! 

For the opposite view… Le Blagueur à Paris: Like a bear in a cave, but with sun

This is what we’ll loose…

When we discuss what we’ll loose with the en of “fair use” we other think of research and another “important” stuff. What I fear deep down is that we’ll loose this…

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Nothing happening here…

The often repeated word in the anglo-saxon press is that Sarko has given up, all reform has stopped. One look at this map tells another story…Le Figaro – France : Nouvelle carte militaire : les sites concernés

The Olympic spirit…

“The committee which the government dismissed was elected in 2004, in line with the Olympic movement’s regulations.

Its chairman, Ahmad al-Samarra’i, and several other members were abducted by gunmen while attending a meeting in central Baghdad in July 2006.


They have not been seen since.


The Iraqi government said it took the move because the committee was corrupt and had not been functioning properly.”


BBC SPORT | Olympics | Iraq banned from Beijing Olympics 

Can you believe that they went to the trouble?

PhotoshopDisasters: The Sun: GotchaSeriously, what are they trying to prove? What do they gain by being this stupid?I just don’t get it.