How many people turned out for this?

Google Maps

In other Street View news. One of their cars went down our street yesterday. Try explaining to your father-in-law what street view is and why seeing the car is cool!

I’ll see you at the debates bitches…

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Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad from Paris Hilton, Adam “Ghost Panther” McKay, and Chris Henchy

That reminds me…

Where did all the paper go?

“I receive on average 6 to 10 letters each month composed each of several pages to which you need to add the paper of the envelop. Raw calculation: 10×3 (pages)x12 = 360 pages a year envelopes. This is about half a kilo of paper (equivalent of printer paper bucket). HALF A KILO!!!”MYBLOG by Ouriel: Message to my bank: STOP sending tones of papers, i have an email

Every month I used to do a little rant about this. Every month the bank would send us five bank statements  in seperate envelopes that would all arrive the same day. It was madness, then suddenly overnight it changed.

We now receive next to nothing from Societe Generale. Even American Express has gone electronic. This in old world financial France.

The final stage happened last month; I almost fell off my seat. The bank has added an email system to the web site; and they answer the emails.

All this is good but try moving branches; the amount of paper is scary.