Ed Brill takes one job posting and changes reality…

Ed Brill works at the IBM Software Group and has repeatedly made claims that Accenture didn’t migrate off Notes as publicly claimed by Accenture and Microsoft.

“I have a slide in the presentation that is based on my “Then and now, episode 2″ blog entry from February. The slide shows the same two graphics that are in the blog entry — Accenture/Avanade’s claim around when they migrated off Notes, and the reality of Accenture hiring Notes developers (and using hundreds of Notes applications) today.”

Ed Brill


“It’s clear that Notes is not only not gone from the Accenture IT environment, but rather that it is still a key technology.”

It would be nice if someone from Accenture put his straight officially but nobody seems bothered. Therefore, I’ll do it unofficially…

Notes isn’t a key technology at Accenture, hasn’t been for a while. As far as I know, it exists as client software mainly so people can read their old data but Accenture is very clearly a Outlook/SharePoint shop.

So why are they hiring Notes developers? To help clients. Accenture doesn’t have a supply chain to manage but you’ll see a lot of adverts for supply chain expert jobs.

One thought on “Ed Brill takes one job posting and changes reality…”

  1. From your about page, I thought you had indicated you wouldn’t be discussing Accenture on this blog. And to visit Accenture.com to find out about Accenture. So I did — https://careers3.accenture.com/ATS/US/Environment/Profile_Jeremy_L03.htm

    Never disputing that Accenture is an Outlook/SharePoint shop, but from what I have heard from consultants, there’s more to the ongoing use of Notes than “read their old data”. It almost doesn’t matter, because my point is not so much about the current use as much as it is that Microsoft tells the migration case study as if it was all easy and great and wonderful. Yet the migrated technology still exists.

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