Not a chance…

“One solution: Nuke entire parts of the system. In short, destroy the system’s network connectivity. For example, credit default swaps ensure that failure will spread through internetworked contracts. Nuke CDS derivatives ($60 trillion or so) by making them illegal. Destroy parts of the network in order to save the remainder — firewalls and firebreaks.”

John Robb’s Weblog: A Real Nuclear Option in Finance

I love it when someone proposes an engineering solution to a political problem. Yes, this makes sense to someone with a systems approach. One small question, who defines where the nukes will fall? In reality it will be those that have spent the least on lobbying.

It’s a bit like asking the turkeys to vote for Christmas.

One thought on “Not a chance…”

  1. Totally agree. Not a chance that this would ever see the light of day.

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