Le Whinger…

Comments by Thomas Crampton…

“From his comments about the Sauna set up outside the conference, Carr shows his true European colors:

I found [the sauna] packed to its pine rafters with Brits, getting slowly drunk on licorice vodka and gleefully bitching about how disappointing everything was.

This gleeful bitching and cynicism by Carr and his fellow Europeans may have something to do with the difficulty Europeans have in getting things done.”

Le Web attracts Le Whinger – Thomas Crampton

To be honest; I think that Thomas is being generous. 

I think a large part of this is jealousy, and not jealousy of Loïc but of the sucess of Le Web.

In 2006 a lot of the British commenators who complained about Le Web said that next year they would organize a better conference in the UK. It must be said that those Whingers from 2006 have really shown Loïc up with their action and hard work.