Novels are difficult…

And I thought that it was just me.

Big Contrarian ? Never new enough.

I’ve never been a great fiction reader but in the last 3/4 years my reading offline has dropped to almost zero. Funny thing is that I miss it I just seem incapable of actually getting that calm. Glad to hear that it’s just not me!!!

Entourage becomes Outlook on the Mac…

This is an interesting comment…

“they’re pre-announcing this so far in advance to discourage current Entourage users from switching to the new Exchange-compatible versions of Apple Mail and iCal in Snow Leopard.”

Daring Fireball

If this is the plan then they’re on the route to failure. Moving desktop mail client has a minimal cost. You just plug in the new client and start syncronizing the mail server. It’s a two minute job.

What seems to be happening here is that Outlook is becoming a server only tool. The poor desktop client (is there anything slower?) is killing the fanchise.