Another BBC low…

Under a headline that should have read “BBC journalist feels a little low after breaking leg skiing” we head off into the usual strange world of Paris as reported by the BBC.

Of course, Parisian taxis are a nightmare. However, did you ever see “reporting” as obviously made up as this?

Somewhat stupefied, I hailed the next cab in line and politely asked the driver if I could sit up front as it was easier for my leg.”I’m not arranging my whole damn cab to accommodate you,” he snapped. “I’ve got all my personal things piled on the front seat!”

BBC News – In Paris, the customer is not always right

I’m surprised that the helpful taxi driver didn’t shout out the window the numbers of the laws he was breaking. Just to make the story easier to write.

To anyone who’s lived here a while the best is saved till last. Bubble gum chewing fashion experts! Where was this shop? Kent?

One thought on “Another BBC low…”

  1. If the author of this ridiculous article (who is after all the Paris correspondent) had any feel for the French language, she would realise that that bit in the taxi cab sign that goes “annoys your driver” is simply a mistranslation and should read something like “distracts your driver” (and is therefore unsafe).

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