Fonera 2.0n Quality Survey

Well it had less effect than I hoped…

Fonera 2.0n Quality Survey.

The survey shows that the Fon has a 65% failure rate. Almost 2/3 of the kit they shipped was broken. This is an amazing result.

The CEO’s response is to defend theĀ indefensible.

Martin, if you were not going to respond to the survey; why set it up?

One thought on “Fonera 2.0n Quality Survey”

  1. The 2.0n is out since september 2009 . We are now end of March 2010 . The fonera 2.0n is still unusable as it is . And with that i mean :
    – administrator page not accessible suddenly (web server crash)
    – sudden reboots
    – impossible to use iphone (Fring ,..)
    – impossible to get my SIP wifi phone connected to its private wifi
    – friends and family option not working
    – unstable
    – reboots during file transfers
    – public wifi needs to be shut down in order for the access point to properly work

    And many more probably which i don’t know .
    It’s sad , very sad to let such a beatiful project slip away by not supporting the community with a working firmware . Let alone not provided them with any bugfixes at all for such a long time !! Even the latest pre-pre-alpha builds (they now provide it as RC builds, but i call them pre-pre-alpha since that is what they are) are worth nothing . They honestly need to trow out some devs and hire some competent ones !

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