3. I’m not jealous of the iPad ‘cos…

Sitting on the train reading my RSS feed.

Young man with backpack sits down next to me and watches over my shoulder for 5 mins. I’m used to this now and let him until the point where his head is almost on my shoulder. I nudge him off me.

He sort of says to nobody “Apple are too expensive!”

He then gets a notebook out of his backpack and proceeds to boot it. 5 mins later he’s in Excel. Then he folds the screen into a tablet form and tries use Excel with his finger. After struggling for a bit he produces a stylus. Finally, he’s off to the races.

After about 5 mins in Excel the PC shuts down because his batteries are gone. Cue big sigh and another “Apples are too expensive” under his breath.

One thought on “3. I’m not jealous of the iPad ‘cos…”

  1. I love the “I’m not jealous of the iPad” series, but strictly speaking, person N°3 isn’t jealous, just envious and so doesn’t fit in with the other “sour grapes” people.

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