Beautiful pictures…

“The Mercury features an extended nose section that is vital to the aerodynamics of the train, allowing it to attain speeds of 225 mph. The train also includes a very inviting, bright and comfortable interior. The top deck has windows that curve up onto the roof allowing for views of the landscape as the train races down the tracks. The 400 meter-long train also includes some private berths for families or private parties that include bars, work areas, and couches. Even a child’s play area will be integrated into the train, along with a luxurious first class section for those who want to travel in style.”

Priestmangoode Unveils Design for British High Speed Train | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

And when will this train service start? Never, it’s a press release!

The big difference with Concorde, the Spitfire, Rolls Royce and the Routemaster bus is that they never had a press release but they really did exist!