We’ve Made PS Disasters Again!!!

We’ve Made PS Disasters Again!! « Joe McNally’s Blog

The one thing that I’ve learnt from all this is how fantastic the original image was before it got to Photoshop. How good is this?



Accepted Modest Proposal…

This I accept 100%…

A Modest Proposal « The New Adventures of Stephen Fry.


I’d add a condition. The UK should get something new from Greece every year as a temporary exhibition. Sort of a rolling roadshow of wonder. In that case, everyone wins.

Zeitgeist 2011…

Boy, it’s been a tough year. And it’s almost over.

Zeitgeist 2011 on Devour.com.

This year has been the hardest for those that I know for a long, long time. So watching this got me thinking. How does it compare?




Le Web: UK?

This year is the second where I’ve not gone to Le Web and to be honest I’d not noticed that it was this week.

Either Le Web has jumped the shark or I have!

Then I saw this. Are they serious?

“Loïc has been approached to do a Le Web in the UK, by the government.” – Loïc Le Meur

Le Web: First Impressions – One Man and His Blog.

Are they serious that the UK can’t match Le Web so they have to buy it? Startup UK needs to steal internet conferences from the UK. Really?