Transparency in engineering…

Increasingly businesses are being built on untested technologies. In some cases there are technologies being implemented that hold the tag line beta although people are paying for them.

To be a success in these new domains you need experience, and quickly. One way to gain experience is to pool the data, share the experience across the industry. We’ve seen this with Open Source in the past.

Interestingly we’re now seeing engineering companies publish Root Cause Analyses (RCAs) in the public domain. Tesla are doing it as part of a media battle battle. Others for other unstated reasons, like Koenigsegg…

A Koenigsegg One:1 endured a severe crash at the Nürburgring Circuit in Germany last Monday, 18th July.

Koenigsegg Analysis Of Nurburgring Accident – Koenigsegg | Koenigsegg

A quick tip for the none engineers: If your teams don’t produce RCAs this well, they’re not working hard enough!