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The keyboard…

I think that this is now at the level of Antennagate.

Apple is now in a position that this needs solving last year. At the volumes that they produce they needed to have the design ready last summer. I hope for them that they’re ready.

Products not brands…

Every year I look at the list and think, this is just a reflection of the relative quality of the products not the result of any brand building or positioning.


All this money spent by Nokia and it disappears in three or four years. Marketing money is mostly wasted.

It was never about Europe…

European leaders have continually expressed exasperation that the British have really been negotiating not with them, but with each other. But perhaps it is time to recognise that there is a useful truth in this: Brexit is really just the vehicle that has delivered a fraught state to a place where it can no longer pretend to be a settled and functioning democracy. Brexit’s work is done – everyone can now see that the Westminster dodo is dead. It is time to move on from the pretence that the problem with British democracy is the EU and to recognise that it is with itself.

It was never about Europe. Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself | Fintan O’Toole | Opinion | The Guardian