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Every Brexit Argument Destroyed

I’ll leave this here for reference…

Central resource for pro-EU infographics and “memes” for sharing to educate the masses on the truth about the EU.

Every Brexit Argument Destroyed

Microsoft has won the Pentagon’s JEDI Cloud contract…

There will champagne in Seattle tonight…

Neutral Space…

This is Central Milton Keynes in the 1980s…

Image result for central milton keynes opening queen

This is it today…

Related image

You’ll notice the space to sit has been massively reduced and replaced with a cafe (which luckily for me is closed in the photo).

This is the removal of neutral space, a place for you to sit and do nothing. If you consider chatting, meeting and thinking as doing nothing. Of course, neutral space doesn’t make money so it was removed in the 90s. There are other tactics, play music, stick in market stalls or activities. Anything to get you back in the shops.

Such is shopping centre design, which only seems to take direction from the design of casinos.

Which, of course, bring me to Disneyland Paris. I’ve paid 82€ to be here and 30€ to park but I don’t actually want to go on the rides. I’m in luck, the place is overun and wait times for all the rides are over an hour.

So I’d like to sit somewhere quiet and read, maybe watch the world go by. However, all the neutral space has been removed. It’s made worse by the rain which means that there are large areas of wet picnic tables.

What’s interesting is that there is another famous person that liked to sit in the parks and watch the world go by… Mr Walt Disney.

Image result for "walt disney" sitting in park

Casino designers may have ruined the world!

Daimler Ends Gas Engine Development: Full Focus On Electric Cars…

“Daimler Ends Gas Engine Development: Full Focus On Electric Cars”

Daimler Ends Gas Engine Development: Full Focus On Electric Cars

This is the only news today. The petrol car is dead. It lasted just over one hundred years.

Paris 2024…

À un peu moins de 5 ans de l’événement, une étude réalisée par Sporsora atteste de l’adhésion des Français.

Paris 2024 : 73 % des Français fiers d’accueillir les Jeux olympiques – Le Parisien

Most liveable city…

I’m sure that we could all debate for hours but I’d certainly put Rome before New York!

Is it me or are all the top cities about the same size?

Vienna remains the world’s most liveable city – Daily chart