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Michael Nyman composes Hillsborough memorial…

I could not think of a better person for the job.

“Celebrated British composer Michael Nyman has composed a Hillsborough memorial symphony to open 2014’s Liverpool Biennial on 5 July.”


BBC News – Michael Nyman composes Hillsborough memorial symphony.

The French revolution…

So one country has a plan of action, the other has hidden from reality. The results are predictable…

“They have taken divergent paths since the World Cup, France making a clean break with the past by installing Laurent Blanc and England sticking with Fabio Capello in the hope he could divine the lessons of Bloemfontein. Blanc dispensed with all but one of his backroom staff and hired a psychologist to improve team harmony, whereas Capello’s only concession to change was a promise to employ another English coach who has yet to emerge.”

The French revolution is working, England’s is a work in progress | Football | The Guardian

Nine Points…

Liverpool sale may collapse if nine points are deducted | The Guardian

Does their whole business case fall down over a difference of nine points? This seems very flaky.

Football involves a bit of luck. Nine points can come or go. It’s three losses.

This makes the whole new purchase look like no improvement over the current situation.