Hugh MacLeod: Part II

Part I of this story can be found here… Not loving the core product… (A Hugh MacLeod story: Part I)

On May 4th 2008 Hugh published this…


This I loved for two reasons; first, it was a page of drawing without characters or words; second,it showed a part of the process of creating the larger work. I’m very interested about the process that artists go to to get to the final product. It’s often far more complex than most people believe.

Hugh is one of those bloggers who publishes his email address. Therefore, I simply emailed him. Told him that I loved the series of Moleskins and asked him if he’d consider framing one and selling it.

Hugh replied in minutes that he was planning on framing one for sale. I replied and asked for a price.

This is the moment that Hugh showed himself to be a true gentlemen. It would have been so easy to have sold his work on eBay or to have published on his blog that he was thinking of selling the work. Either way I believe he could have made far more money than by selling it to me. Hugh could have made life very difficult for me but he didn’t. He treated a guy that he didn’t know very well and I’m eternally grateful.

Hugh quoted a price that I think was fair; although it was enough to make me think twice and to discuss it with Mrs Wilkinson! But in 48 hours we had a deal.

Delivery is for Part III.