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Apple’s motivation…

“In a column on The New York Times last weekend, Nick Bilton wrote that Apple is doing itself more harm than good in suing Samsung.”

Apple’s motivation for suing Samsung.

I don’t buy this that Apple is a loser because it is showing that it worked hard for years phone designs.

What it shows to me is that when I’m buying version one of an Apple product I not just buying the first thing that worked.


The marketplace…

Is he serious?

“With Steve Jobs gone and Apple finally allowed to take some cues from the marketplace”

I, Cringely » Blog Archive The coming tablet computer rumble – I, Cringely – Cringely on technology.

Crystal Hotel…

“If you want to go with a room-and-board analogy, I’d say something more like a strict condominium board is more apt than a prison. Or a long-term-stay hotel. And in Hotel Apple, everything is very nice — looks cool, smells good, everything is clean and looks like new. But: you’re not allowed to move the furniture around, and you’re not allowed to bring in outside food that hasn’t been approved by Apple.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: The EFF: Apples Crystal Prison and the Future of Open Platforms

Reminds me of a story of Frank Lloyd Wright that I was told on the tour of Roby House.

Once the house was completed he would visit the owners from time to time. When he visited he would put furniture (that he’s designed to go with the house) back in their original places!

Gruber and Apple’s freedom…

“I’ve always thought Apple’s cash hoard was about freedom.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: Sitting on It

Gruber nails it but I don’t think he understands why. The banks understand that this cash gives Apple freedom. That’s why they want it removed.

Once they have a dividend the next discussion will be about how much and how quickly they can suck the pool of cash dry.

If in future Apple needs cash the banks will happily provide a loan! To anyone else this seems like madness, to the banks this looks like efficient use of capital.


British network allegedly warns Apple again not to use ‘iTV’ name [u].

Apple can have some fun with this. For £3bln they can buy the company, take the brand and sell it on.

I wonder if ITV has registered the brand in China or the US. Apples biggest markets.

The corporate view…

If you really want, I’ll give you my view on baseball. I’ve never played it, watched it once, read a book about it and I may have seen Field of Dreams.

Watching Gruber (who I love reading) try and understand corporate clients, is like me writing on baseball.

“There’s a kernel of wisdom here, which is that the Office 15 apps should be the best selling point in favor of Windows 8 tablets versus the iPad, for those buying tablets for use as a secondary or even tertiary computing device in a job that’s already dependent upon Microsoft Office. When I travel, I see gobs of corporate businesspeople using iPads; with a real version of Office, many of those people may well be using Windows 8 tablets a year from now. It’s a genuinely compelling hook.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: Paul Thurrott Giveth Common Sense, Paul Thurrott Taketh Away.

What I think that Gruber and Thurrott both misunderstand is actually why things are like they are.

Two words… “Installed base”.

The reason that people are still wandering around with corporate PCs is that they don’t have the choice. Lotus Notes still has a double digit market share for email, Windows XP is still deployed massively and SAP is everywhere.

People can’t just drop their PCs for iPads because the apps aren’t there and won’t be for years.

However, Thurrott is equally mistaken. I know of nobody that’s actually waiting for an Office version that runs on tablets. They’re waiting for a version of Offices that works, or even better something else.

Spend a day in an Office and you’ll understand how much people hate this stuff.


Best use of Apple’s $100B in cash…

2%-3% dividend suggested as best use of Apple’s $100B in cash.

Because this guy knows how to spend it better than Apple.

It’s now clear that the dividend calls from analysts fall the second week of every month.

Regular as a dripping tap.

Useless cash…

“Meanwhile, as Apple’s foreign cash hoard grows, the money is effectively useless to Apple and its shareholders. They could build a stack of dollar bills 3400 miles tall, but can’t they can’t do much else with it for now.”

Most of Apple’s $82 billion cash stockpile is ‘trapped’ overseas | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog

I think that they could use it to buy parts, build factories, and shops, sell advertising abroad. You know, run a business.

More dividend rubbish…

I said it first here.

The banks need Apples cash and are now hunting for a good argument. seems to have spent the last couple of days looking for a good argument. This one has driven Gruber to drink!

I like this one where they identify the problem with the worlds largest company! By the way, the problem it’s the agent-principle problem that was called the dumbest idea in the world just last week.

One style point, I love the opening.

“We at Apple would like to thank you for standing by us all through the years. To our original investors we owe particular gratitude. If it were not for you, we of course, would not be here today.” 

How many original investors do you are still with the company 30 years later? What about all the other investors who actually have done nothing for the company?

I’m looking for the campaign that the new office is a sign of corporate greed and that the plan has grown massively now Jobs is no longer there to lead the company. “Stop the office and give us the cash”!