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Disney queues…

“Frost says the rule change is a precursor to a much more dramatic change, a FastPass replacement (?) called xPass, which allows visitors to reserve their ride-times far in advance, over the Web, simultaneous with their other bookings — dining, hotel, etc.”

Walt Disney World tightens the rules on FastPasses – Boing Boing.

Surely they should just work on getting rid of the queues? Why would I want to spend a day in Disneyland working on the salesman problem and attached to my mobile phone.

I do that all week!


“This stealthy undertaking was not an act of robbery or espionage but rather a crucial operation in what would become an association called UX, for “Urban eXperiment.” UX is sort of like an artist’s collective, but far from being avant-garde—confronting audiences by pushing the boundaries of the new—its only audience is itself. More surprising still, its work is often radically conservative, intemperate in its devotion to the old. Through meticulous infiltration, UX members have carried out shocking acts of cultural preservation and repair, with an ethos of “restoring those invisible parts of our patrimony that the government has abandoned or doesn’t have the means to maintain.” The group claims to have conducted 15 such covert restorations, often in centuries-old spaces, all over Paris.”

The New French Hacker-Artist Underground | Magazine.

Le Web: UK?

This year is the second where I’ve not gone to Le Web and to be honest I’d not noticed that it was this week.

Either Le Web has jumped the shark or I have!

Then I saw this. Are they serious?

“Loïc has been approached to do a Le Web in the UK, by the government.” – Loïc Le Meur

Le Web: First Impressions – One Man and His Blog.

Are they serious that the UK can’t match Le Web so they have to buy it? Startup UK needs to steal internet conferences from the UK. Really?