I saw him there; but I don’t think he actually arrived…

Jason Calacanis talked about LeWeb3 on the latest episode of TWiT.

Before today I had him down as a generally intelligent person with a big mouth (not that a big mouth is a bad thing; I hope). And then on TWiT he said that about 5% of people at LeWeb3 were French.

Seems he wasn’t at the same event as the rest of us. If he looks LeWeb3 site here he’ll see that over half the people who listened to his talk were French. Or at least came from France.
He also said that Mahalo announced something at the conference but that was it. Erm, didn’t GooJet announce something and win a prize? Didn’t Dave Winer announce something?

If I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes on stage and wandering around on his blackberry I’d have to assume that he’d not attended.

BTW – I was dying to ask him after his talk about if he considers his behavior on the Gillmor Gang as SPAM.

OLPCs start arriving…

I’ve now heard from multiple places that OLPCs have started arriving in letter boxes. Fantastic news; it means that mine is now only weeks away!

Of course, the first thing that sprang to mind was “what can I install on it”.

The answer is here… http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities

Actually, some of these things sound very cool. MikMik: Distributed wiki editor sounds like great fun to start with but there is one application that steals the show for me.

Tux Paint: Paint program for young children. Both my children love Tux!


This site is on a 1and1 server somewhere. Then I see this…

kelblog : Un hébergeur à éviter absolument: 1and1.fr (in French!)

Look like I should start looking for a new home!

HP: It’s all about the CEO stupid

Add one more item to the list of things that we relearn every five years…

The secret of IT transformation: It’s all about the CEO stupid

The same thing was written about SAP installations, LAN installations, PC roll outs and moving to Windows (in about 92)!!!

This is news?

Telcos give their business away

Saw this while surfing…

Strategy: Nokia jealous of Apple, wants cut of the action

What amazes me is that the Telcos have given their business away to the handset companies and they don’t seem to have realized.

If I understand what Apple has managed to do here it is probably the end of the mobile network operators. Apple gets the brand, Apple gets the client relationship (you need to activate the phone through iTunes), they get the options revenue (you buy music and applications through iTunes), they get a cut of the call revenue and the best of all (as far as they are concerned) they get the subsidy for the phone. What have the networks got out of this deal?

There is a chance that Apple could start giving phones away and living off the 30% of the call revenue. Where does that leave the network operators?

Le Web 3: One Man & H is Blog on the Rose love-in

Having sat through the “interview”, this made me laugh…

Le Web 3: Kevin Rose of Digg – One Man & His Blog

There was no substance in the talk and this was the professional journalist. Cover story of Newsweek no less. It says something that the professionals play such softball.

I predict a wedding before next Christmas!

Random thoughts…