Gruber and the iPhone SE…

“Apple was never going to call this phone the “5 SE”. I don’t know where Gurman got that, but that was never going to happen. Why would Apple give a new phone a name that makes it sound old?”

Daring Fireball: 9to5Mac: ‘Apple Likely to Drop the “5”, Call New 4-Inch Model the “iPhone SE”‘

I don’t get why everyone, including Gruber, seem to be missing.

  • SE = Sports Edition.
  • Now all the predictions of waterproofing make sense.
  • Now it being smaller makes even more sense.
  • This would be a good moment to remove the earphone jack and have bluetooth only for sports.
  • Finally, it doesn’t compete with the other phones. It’s a new market.

Or am I missing something?

Parenting is a lot like sysadminning…

When you’re acting in a support context, don’t be a grouchy, judgy asshole.

  • This is your job, and they are people too. Yes, they can be frustrating as hell, but they’ve come to you for help, so look at the problem through their eyes. What do they need out of the experience?
  • Yes, this is the Nth time you’ve told them not to do X, or Y would happen, and they’ve gone and done X again. Yes, you need to teach them – but acting like a dick about it won’t make them remember, it’ll just make them less likely to report the problem in future.
  • Being jaded, cynical and frustrated at how useless they are at everything is feels good at the time, but it’s unfair to them and corrosive to you. Avoid this trap, and just be helpful and cheerful instead.

Parenting is a lot like sysadminning…

Random thoughts…