Loic Le Meur Blog: Now more than 1700 participants

Loic Le Meur Blog: Now more than 1700 participants, you can still regiter to join us until LeWeb3 opens

I hope that we all fit in!!!

Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder about this. A 7:15 start and 2000 people doesn’t sound like fun.

SAP blesses the iPhone

This has got to hurt if your BlackBerry. They’ve owned the business user for a while and then this happens…

SAP blesses the iPhone – ZDNet.com

Why not dine in Didcot this evening?

Why not dine in Didcot this evening?

If you were advertising eating out; wouldn’t you put the advert in front of something nice to look at.

Update: On second thoughts, I take it back. It might well be the best view of Didcot. Look here.

Woman found canoeist photo via Google

Woman found canoeist photo via Google | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
What a fantastic advert for Google and the internet. The best part is that you can do the search yourself.

Searching the internet is going to become a job description sooner or later.


Wikileaks isn’t talked about a lot in the press but I think that it could be one of those applications like Wikipedia that will start as a cult, have a tipping point and then explode onto the political scene.

There is something wonderful about governments refusing to admit that rendition flights exist but then I can go online and read the operating manual.

PS – Does anyone know the name of site in the UK that duplicated Hansard? I’ve lost track of it. Thanks.

Another LeWeb3 fight…

I thought that I was being original; but I wasn’t.

Over the weekend I wrote about by experiences at the last LeWeb3 conference and how I thought there’d been some manipulation behind the scenes.

In the middle of all this “scandal” last year was Sam Sethi; someone I’ve never known or met. After last year’s conference he left TechCrunch UK and talked of creating a conference to beat LeWeb3.

I’ve followed nothing of what has happened in the last year, and then this comes along…

An Open Letter to Sam Sethi | StarrTrek

And then what do you know; we’re off again.

Fon does it right again!!!

I love Fon, I got my first router via LeWeb3 last year and it’s been on in my appartment ever since. I’ve also had great fun giving invitations to friends in three different countries.

Then they go and do this for Christmas…



Fantastic idea! I’m now having fun deciding who I’m going to give them to.

Random thoughts…