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Don’t know what to buy…

…then just buy the brand.

“…Then the shopping. Whatever the new thing is, you need it.”Why? Fabulous has an astute answer. “It’s because nobody has a clue what’s tasteful and what’s not. You’ve got all this money but no idea what to buy. So everybody just copies each other or goes for the big name. That’s why brands are so important. They think, ‘If that costs more, or it’s new, it’s got to be better.'”

The secret WAG: Absolutely Fabulous – People, News – The Independent

Apple – Support – Discussions – Finder Repeatedly Crashing… …

You can follow my search for help here…

Apple – Support – Discussions – Finder Repeatedly Crashing… …

While I’m waiting Time Machine is taking me back to before everything went wrong!

iMac Finder dies…

Since I updated to the latest versions of Quicktime, iMove etc. yesterday the Finder on my iMac is repeatedly crashing. This includes the icons in the top right hand corner of the screen disappearing and then reappearing every 15 seconds.

Other applications crash when launched at well.

I managed to stop the Finder window crashing by moving from using Coverflow to the standard directory listings but the icons at the top right still crash and the machine is unusable! Firefox and Safari seem unaffected.

Any ideas of how to solve this would be gratefully received!

Lets see what the chances are of a blog request for help are; all the “A Listers” (a.k.a. Scoble) say this is the future of support and recommendations. How does it work for the rest of us?

They do…

Didn’t know this…

“Fon has to provide special VPN tunneling technology in the UK for the UK secret services to investigate suspected criminals and terrorists when they log on to our WiFi signal.”

Why are European governments able to do more for less when it comes to National Security?

And to be honest I’m not too comfortable now that I know that it exists. Are all Fon’s the same? Or is this just included in boxes sent to the UK?

Tell us more… please!

Time to recommend…

A couple of months ago I put Mozy on the iMac at home.

For those that don’t know what Mozy is; you need to learn today. Most of us backup our data, we’ve already had the sinking feeling of a hard drive failure and now backup to an external drive. However, what happens when the house burns down?

Generally people think that this is a stupid point; however, I remember talking to a friend who lost her house when a Christmas tree caught file. Years later, the thing that she still missed…. her photos! Our photos are now digital and therefore can be saved, if they’re backed up to a second location. Mozy offers that second location in Utah, USA!

Before going further, you have to pay for Mozy but at $5 a month for unlimited storage (more on that later) it’s a bargain.

Initially it was the beta software and basically didn’t work. It was slow, I had trouble selecting what to backup without the software crashing and just to add to the pain there was a performance difference on the machine. I was about to ask for a refund when the v1.0 was launched.

This solved the majority of issues (although the initial scan for files is slow) and I’m now the proud owner of 50 Gb of data on the other side of the world. Peace of mind at last.

One final point,  the space is unlimited but there are limits on how much you can upload every day. Therefore, backing up you’re complete DVD collection will be difficult.

All in all! Well worth a Starbucks a month.


“Two nurseries in Kent, England are fingerprinting parents as they drop off and pick up kids “for safety.”

English nurseries fingerprinting parents “for security” – Boing Boing

You have to ask the question. Why can’t they just remember the faces of the parents? How many kids are there in this place? Hardly sounds like a personalized service for your child; do they have to wear name tags?

How much does this conference cost?

“Jeff Bezos talked about’s Kindle e-book; Activision’s Bobby Kotick showed off a videogame; Sony’s Howard Stringer unveiled a television. Barry Diller charmed everyone with his brilliance long enough that they forgot he really hasn’t accomplished what he set out to on the Net. Michael Dell, Jerry Yang, and Jeff Bewkes simply seemed clueless to the realities of their business predicaments. Mark Zuckerberg proved terminally incapable of sharing. Only the last speaker of Wednesday night, Rupert Murdoch, showed any real spark.”

D6 Live Coverage: Why Rupert Murdoch should defrag Bill Gates — and the rest of tech

The corridoor conversations must be good at this conference; otherwise why would you go?


Someone wants to install Solar Lily Pads on the Clyde…

Inhabitat » SOLAR LILY PADS Proposed for Glasgow’s Clyde River

…have they been to Glasgow?  They’ll install them on Wednesday and by Friday night they’ll be using them as targets when throwing things off the bridges!