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Apple – Support – Discussions – Finder Repeatedly Crashing… …

You can follow my search for help here…

Apple – Support – Discussions – Finder Repeatedly Crashing… …

While I’m waiting Time Machine is taking me back to before everything went wrong!

iMac Finder dies…

Since I updated to the latest versions of Quicktime, iMove etc. yesterday the Finder on my iMac is repeatedly crashing. This includes the icons in the top right hand corner of the screen disappearing and then reappearing every 15 seconds.

Other applications crash when launched at well.

I managed to stop the Finder window crashing by moving from using Coverflow to the standard directory listings but the icons at the top right still crash and the machine is unusable! Firefox and Safari seem unaffected.

Any ideas of how to solve this would be gratefully received!

Lets see what the chances are of a blog request for help are; all the “A Listers” (a.k.a. Scoble) say this is the future of support and recommendations. How does it work for the rest of us?

My view on LeWeb3 2006: Part I

If you were on another planet you might have missed the fact that there was a controversy at LeWeb3 last year. I was there but didn’t have a blog at the time; I now have a voice.

The best summary in less than 10,000 words can be found here: LeWeb3 is actually “Loic for president” at blog.forret.com. Loïc wrote the 10,000-plus word version of events with his response here.

Here’s my view…

First, I had a fantastic time last year. Except for a couple of speakers, mainly in the group discussions, who were more interested in promoting the company logo than being interesting, it was well worth my time and money (I took vacation and paid for myself).

Second, I’d not been to any of the previous conferences and therefore wasn’t looking to replicate something from the past. I’m interested in politics, technology and just about anything that I don’t know. As it turned out, two of the best speakers were not IT speakers at all; Hans Gosling was amazing and Shimon Peres was inspirational and got a standing ovation. There were another ten presenters who were well worth the two days on their own.

Now to how I perceived things. I was sitting at the front at the left and it was very clear that something was happening on the other side of the room as early as the mid-morning on day one. This was before the announcements that supposedly sparked all the controvosy.

When changes were made to the program I just held onto my hat and thought that at least I was seeing something new.

However, when I got home to wi-fi that worked after day one the blogs were very negative and it seemed that I was the only happy customer in the room. By the end of day two the blogs had gone into meltdown and the end of the world was iminent.

The aftermath of the conference was the end of TechCrunch UK v1.0, discussions about starting a “real European conference in the UK” and even the end of Loïc’s career.

I can’t help feeling, even a year later, that most of the fuss was generated by a small group who had a hidden agenda. Conferences are big money and I think that last year was the last chance for someone to get a rival conference off the ground.

We’re now twelve months on and LeWeb3 is back and even bigger, I’ve not heard of any massive life changing conference in the UK and Loïc the poor man seems to have the hottest startup around.

So what was wrong with last year again?