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Programming when it isn’t needed…

I was interested by this…

Scripting the iPod (Scripting News)

Dave is looking for a script to move a podcast into iTunes and then put it in a playlist.


There is a far easier way to get the this functionality. Subscribe the the podcast in iTunes, then create a playlist that only shows podcasts that have a play count of zero. You’re done!

The result is all the unlisted to podcasts in a single playlist and they’ll disappear when you’ve listen to them.

I must be missing something. Or it could be another case of this… YouTube – Wilkinson & Winer

Dave Winer is wrong (for once)

Specifically about podcasting (Scripting News)

Every six months or so Dave Winer tells us that the iPod isn’t a good podcast player and that we need to build a new one. The wish-list is always roughly the same and it’s always Open Source.

An Open Source podcast player; the ideal toy for developers, a mobile developer platform.

First, I’ve nothing against the idea, in fact, I think that it would be great.

However, it wouldn’t promote the development of podcasting. The issue with podcasting is finding things that are worth listening to. I don’t have trouble teaching my mother to use an iPod but getting her to subscribe to a feed is impossible.

The solution to the podcasting isn’t the device, it’s the guide.

PS – Dave, if you want to scream at me, see you next Tuesday at LeWeb3!

PPS – While I’m on the subject, why is the iTunes store so difficult to use? It’s impossible to browse for music. It’s fantastic once you know what you’re looking for but I don’t know what I’m looking for!!!