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Paris in August…

I moved to Paris in July 1996 and all I can remember is the heat. Day after day of sun baked streets and each evening the heat of the tarmac as it released the heat that it has stored during the day. 

Paris is quieter during the summer; however it would be greater without all the English tourists!!! 

For the opposite view… Le Blagueur à Paris: Like a bear in a cave, but with sun

Cars and Cities…

Looking at these photos from the wonderful ParisAvant web site I can’t help feeling that we’ve ruined our cities with cars.

Howard Kunstler would be proud of me!

Great article about Velib

Here is a great summary about what Velib has managed to do.

Re*Move: A lesson in business from the French

I don’t think that people either inside or outside of Paris have really realized what has happened in the last six months. There has been a revolution but nobody seems to have noticed.

If we’re to meet the challenge of climate change I think that we’re going to have to see far more of these hi-tech, low-tech mash-ups. I just can’t imagine what the next one will be!

Be careful Scoble…

Google’s new My Location feature apparently saved Scoble in London and now he’s counting on it in France while at LeWeb3.

One tip: Don’t use it indoors. Or at least if you do; don’t count on the results to save your life.

In my experience it works perfectly outside but the moment you get behind a window it starts putting you in the wrong place.