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Why Twitter is like Word…

Steve Gillmor is obsessed with Twitter an especially Track a specific function within Twitter that allows you to vanity search the service in real-time. Gillmor runs the wonderful Gillmor Gang podcast and every episode includes a plug for Twitter and specially a complaint about the Track functionality not being available.

All this reminds me of Word in the early 90s.

In the early 90s there was a long running functionality fight between the various word processor applications. Every few months a new version would appear with yet more functions. Every few months the magazines would run articles comparing the different packages and tell their readers which to buy.

During this period Word would often be labeled as incomplete, and missing key features. What was it missing? Word Count! Every few months, Word would be reviewed and it still wasn’t ready. Microsoft even produced a Macro to display a Word Count but the journalists just called that a fudge and not integrated.

In the end, Microsoft produced a Word Count with added extras, readability scores and such. Journalists happy; Microsoft went on to world domination.

Why is this like Twitter?

Well the Track function is fantastic is you’re Steve Gillmor, it’s what he wants. In fact, it’s also why Scoble likes FriendFeed I believe. However, they’re of no use to 95% of the users who just want to talk to friends and family.

What we’re seeing is journalists push applications developers into helping journalists and not the majority of their users.

Want another example? Who on earth needs over 2000 followers in Twitter or Facebook?  Outside the world of PR and journalism it makes no sense. Let the complaints begin.

FriendFeed is already in the gutter…

“BTW Jason Carreira, please do stop with the personal insults. I tried to direct message you to discuss further but you dont allow messaging and dont have any contact info. – Andrew Baron”

Google Trends Mahalo.com – FriendFeed 


Scoble never mentioned this aspect of the service. 

How to kill your blog…

What is the point of having a blog when the posts say something like this… 

“I give some of my key learnings from what I learned from my time at PodTech over on FriendFeed.” 
Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger » Blog Archive Podtech sold «  


I don’t want to Scoble bash (not now anyway) but this is a joke.

iMac Finder dies…

Since I updated to the latest versions of Quicktime, iMove etc. yesterday the Finder on my iMac is repeatedly crashing. This includes the icons in the top right hand corner of the screen disappearing and then reappearing every 15 seconds.

Other applications crash when launched at well.

I managed to stop the Finder window crashing by moving from using Coverflow to the standard directory listings but the icons at the top right still crash and the machine is unusable! Firefox and Safari seem unaffected.

Any ideas of how to solve this would be gratefully received!

Lets see what the chances are of a blog request for help are; all the “A Listers” (a.k.a. Scoble) say this is the future of support and recommendations. How does it work for the rest of us?

Scoble and company goals…

From Scoble…

“What is his goal? To beat CNET.

But does a great business or movement EVER get built on top of a goal like that?”

Mike Arrington’s dream team has wrong goal « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

Correct me if I’m wrong but Nike for years had the slogan of “be number one”. They just aimed for the number one in each market and went out to beat them.

And while I’m thinking about it. Isn’t that what Microsoft did for years? And didn’t Scoble work for them?

I’m confused!

More on Ché Scoble…

Nicolas Carr has a good review on the Scoble vs. Facebook fight.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Scoble: freedom fighter or data thief?

If I remember correctly from my training, the data remains the information of the person that entered it. Also, the company storing the data, in this case Facebook, should not use it any way that hasn’t been agreed to by the originator of the data. If they do not protect the data they’re in breach of their data privacy rules.

If I’m right, it means that Scoble doesn’t have a leg to stand on and will loose his Facebook access for good.

I suppose the way to look at this is that Facebook’s terms of service are the way that Facebook applies data privacy law and ensures that it protects the data of the users that Scoble has linked to. Scoble isn’t alone, he’s got to think of the 5000 people he’s linked to; he needs permission from the 5000 to do this.

Can you hear the boom? That’s the Scoble effect…

Scoble’s done something and got his Facebook account blocked. My bet was that he was getting his contacts out to put in another system. TechCrunch UK reports it here…

TechCrunch UK » Blog Archive » Facebook blocks Scoble for downloading his contacts

The Facebook people are currently asleep, this will probably be out of control by the time that they wake up. Scoble can blog quicker than they can react.

It’s a pity that Facebook isn’t on the NASDAQ because I’d like to measure the Scoble effect!