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What we need is more numbers…

I’m always by the amount of statistics that are produced by the average American sport. What I didn’t realize was that the Americans would be able to apply the same analysis of political debates. Trailhead : Debate By NumbersYou have to ask what all this is going to be used for. In four years time are we going to compare the figures against this race? “History shows that in the third debate the second placed candidate should mention social security at least three times and directly criticize the other party’s candidate twice”. 

How to reduce the value of your product…

Remember when Real Networks started putting adverts in all the wrong places? Adobe seems to have hired the same team. BBC NEWS | Business | Yahoo to put adverts in PDF files

Evel Knievel dies

Odd I assumed that he was already dead! BBC NEWS | World | Americas | US daredevil Evel Knievel diesI had a Evel Knievel toy as a small boy. It has a doll, a bike, a ramp but, strangely, no buses.

Dear Jeff… The problems with technology reviews…

So the Kindle has been out a couple of weeks and it’s already a failure.  Scoble has a long list of things that he wants to change on his blog; Dear Jeff Bezos (one-week Kindle review) « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger.And even Slate has had a go; Can Amazon save the e-book? – By Harry McCracken – Slate Magazine Before I go any further I need to point out that Scble’s idea of a social network is madness. Until everyone has one of these things, what is the point? It would just point out to everyone what a small market share of reading they have. This was the same issue that the Zune sharing functions have.However, there is a bigger issue here. All these reviews are from people that are interested in the technology not books. The EVDO functionality is magic to the average user, they can buy a book anywhere at anytime and they never sign a service contract. That is a real innovation, an innovation more important than the size of the Previous Page button!Roll on version two. 

Colossus: The Forbin Project

I think that I saw this when I was about twelve, it had the same effect that War Games had a few years later. All I wanted in life was a computer!!! Neither I or my ZX Spectrum every achieved world domination.

What’s on tap for Windows Live Messenger 9?

All about Microsoft explains what’ll be in Messenger 9…

What’s on tap for Windows Live Messenger 9?

Does anyone use all of these functions? My Live Messenger is horribly slow as it loads tab and tabs of adverts and contains an enormous number of functions that I don’t use.

Apple stores having ‘gravitational pull’ on mall shoppers

Apple stores having ‘gravitational pull’ on mall shoppers – via AppleInsider

What Mr Munster doesn’t explain is why this draw exists.  I have a theory; look at the window of the Apple store…

Apple London

Now lets compare that to the window of the Fnac computer store near my home…

Can’t imagine why people are drawn to an Apple store!

I bought one (actually two)…

Valleywag spends a lot of time writing about people I don’t know but you have to read it to understand Winer, Scoble and the other A-listers when they get into fights with him.

However, Mr Wag also seems to have an issue with the OLPC; I support the OLPC .

The complaint that OLPC has forced Intel and others to produce cheaper PCs for the developing world doesn’t make sense. If the developing world is flooded is cheap computers. Fine! That’s a success.

If my experience of Africa is anything to go by; support is a non-issue as well. How does Mr Wag think that mobile phones are maintained in  Sudan?