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Wifi and walled gardens…

First a couple of facts:

  • I have an ADSL router at home that contains a hard disk, TV tuner, and that can act as a UNIX server; we use none of these services. It’s been in “bridge mode” for at least the last six years.

    Wifi in our house has always been the job of a specialist router, first from Apple, then Netgear and now Eero. It’s quick but unreliable and needs an upgrade.

  • The Eero app currently says that there are 32 devices alive on our local network. And currently at least iPhones are not at home! I can only see this number increasing over time and yet…

Apple has officially announced that it’s withdrawing from making Airports. Why do I care? Simply, because I want to spend less of my time making things work and more time using them.

M.G. Siegler has written a brilliant article on the subject, ErrorPort,  and he makes a great case for the home hub, which I’d buy in a second. However, I think that there is a bigger point here.

Xerox died when they gave up the small stuff, airlines stop being a service when they give up the short haul, supermarkets lose when you can’t get all your shopping in the one location.

Apple has slowly given up around the edges and the results are clear,  in the last couple of years, Amazon Alexas, Sonos, Eeros and Chromebooks have arrived in our house. Slowly the house has moved from end to end Apple to a far more cosmopolitan place.

In this environment, the walled garden from Apple has no value (no HomeKit for example) because the walled garden is incomplete. The added value appears when something is open and adaptable, everything that Apple is not. Brick by brick we slowly forced to find a new brick road!

My iPhone bet…


Sapphire 4.7? iPhone 6 display put through its paces with knife and keys in new scratch test video | 9to5Mac

Sapphire 4.7? iPhone 6 display put through its paces with knife and keys in new scratch test video | 9to5Mac.

My bet is that the next iPhone will be waterproof!!!

Right, I’m on the record now.

How Apple Beats The Demise of Music Downloads…

The Magic Numbers: How Apple Beats The Demise of Music Downloads

There is another option here. They give Apple stores an exclusive on all new models for three month. That should be positive on the year-on-year store figures.

SSD in the old iMac…

Image #1

Last night I changed the Hard Disk in my old iMac for an SSD.

It was easier than I thought and it’s like getting a new iMac.

Thanks iFixIt!

iMac Intel 24″ EMC 2134 and 2211 Hard Drive Replacement – iFixit.

Macintosh 128K Teardown…

Thirty years of progress yields some impressive changes to input peripherals. Keyboards and mice are now wireless, thinner, and comprised mainly of sturdy, non-yellow metal.

Image #1

Macintosh 128K Teardown – iFixit.

Gruber vs. Pogue on Charlie Rose Tonight…

Watch any decent film from the post war period and you’ll see actors act. Something that is lost in modern CGI filming.

In those days film cost money and therefore with a limited number of takes actors would up stage on and other. They’d move to the centre of the shot, produce a prop or gesture in a special way.

As film got cheaper, this art got lost on film, although it remains in theatre when actors are often moving upstage.

What made me think of this was watching Gruber vs. Pogue.

Daring Fireball Linked List: Yours Truly on Charlie Rose Tonight.

Gruber is new to this, he’s made is name in print (if the web counts as print). Pogue isn’t. Watch Pogue use the props that he has, a phone and a cable. He’s all action, Gruber just gets the words right!

10 Years of Daring Fireball…

It’s the blog that I check first and the only one where I have the T-shirt! It’s been an interesting ten years. I started reading before I understood what he was talking about.

I think that Gruber’s writing has had too much influence on me. When I started reading I didn’t own a single Apple product or admit to liking 2001 too much!

Distant Shape: 10 Years of Daring Fireball.