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Do three, and then change…

This week saw the third VivaTech and for the first time I didn’t go. Things are busy at the moment and I couldn’t see what I’d learn that was new this time. The organisers have spent three years working on the model “if it ain’t broke, do the same but bigger”.

They now have a massive international success on their hands but they’ve salso started to bang up against the events rule of three.

  • Do something once and it’s new, original, interesting and feels like a breath of fresh air.
  • Second time is comfortable, it’s less awkward and you get a ton of value from it. You are less surprised by the rules and you know what you’re doing.
  • You get to the third event and you realise that people are bending the rules and gaming the system. It’s time to do something radically different.

I’ve seen this many times professionally and privately. VivaTech needs a second act and to move away from it’s corporate roots.

Where did I spend Saturday? At Startup for Kids, it was the first year; it’s tiny and they’ve a load to learn but were did get the pirate robot to work in the end!


Le Web…

For the first time since 2004 I’m not at Le Web this year.


Simply I wasn’t willing to pay the entrance fee to listen to people talk about startup funding for two days. Every year, there was less of interest to me and more about startups.

This year was the tipping point.

However, I’m still interested and I recommend Adam Tinworth’s reports on events; and the snow.

One Man and His Blog

Funnily, Adam was the last person I spoke to at last year’s event. To me he’s the full-stop on the Le Web period of my life.

Le Web: Finis – One Man and His Blog

This about sums up my feelings of the last few days.

Le Web: Finis – One Man and His Blog.

Not the best few hundred Euros I’ve ever spent but I’ll be back next year.

Fon launches the PeekFon with free PanEuropean GPRS Roaming

Martin doesn’t say if it connects to Exchange however the BIG question is how Arrington will react.

Fon has actually managed to get a product to market without a whole soap opera of blogs etc.

Fon launches the PeekFon with free PanEuropean GPRS Roaming.

Zappos and happiness…

I’m half awake but there is a big take away from this presentation. To be happy we need purpose and a large part of that is a feeling of control over our own work. How many people can claim that they control their own work in the modern workplace?

This could be considered very hippy but he was listened to in almost silence by over a thousand people.


Chad Hurley from YouTube

“I was looking for a sport and F1 seemed interesting”

Chad Hurley

Is he serious? He was looking for a sport?

How many videos of this interview will be on YouTube tonight?

Mike Arrington grows up…

Arrington has been at LeWeb for the last few years.

Usually he’s a pain the rear end trying to create a news story and being stupidly critical.

This year he seems to have grown up. He’s just managed to chair an interesting discussion without looking for a fight.

At last, the triumph of facts over form.