What this is really about…

Chrome will get heaps loads of praise or complaints about two things.

  • What it looks like; for this read the color of the buttons. This is because the people commenting, confuse User Interface Design with colors. A bit like confusing how well a car drives with the color or the controls.
  • How fast GMail loads. Mainly because the people doing the reviewing spend massive amounts of their time in email.

There is however more to this…

“To Google, the browser has become a weak link in the cloud system – the needle’s eye through which the outputs of the company’s massive data centers usually have to pass to reach the user – and as a result the browser has to be rethought, revamped, retooled, modernized. Google can’t wait for Microsoft or Apple or the Mozilla Foundation to make the changes (the first has mixed feelings about promoting cloud apps, the second is more interested in hardware than in clouds, and the third, despite regular infusions of Google bucks, lacks resources), so Google is jump-starting the process with Chrome.”

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: The cloud’s Chrome lining