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More OLPC goodness…

OLPC and the Kindle

And I quote…

As for the OLPC: here’s to you folks. Nicely done. A wonderfully crafted device, a noble vision, and an Open mindset. Brilliant!

I’ve not seen a bad review yet!

I miight have to give my OLPC away sooner than I thought…

I was planning on keeping the OLPC for myself for six months. Now I read this…

My (daughter’s) OLPC laptop has arrived

I thought that my six year old wouldn’t be interested and therefore I’d get to play first. Looks like “move over old man day” is scheduled for the 26th of December not July.

OLPCs start arriving…

I’ve now heard from multiple places that OLPCs have started arriving in letter boxes. Fantastic news; it means that mine is now only weeks away!

Of course, the first thing that sprang to mind was “what can I install on it”.

The answer is here…

Actually, some of these things sound very cool. MikMik: Distributed wiki editor sounds like great fun to start with but there is one application that steals the show for me.

Tux Paint: Paint program for young children. Both my children love Tux!

OLPC vs. Intel podcast

Joho the Blog pointed out that TwiT came up with gold this week.

Last week I started questioning why I spend an hour a week listening to Twit and then this comes along, this has to be one of the best Podcasts I’ve heard in a long while.

Just shows what a fantastic media it can be when done right.

PS – Joho will also be speaking at LeWeb3. I’m starting to get excited!!!

I bought one (actually two)…

Valleywag spends a lot of time writing about people I don’t know but you have to read it to understand Winer, Scoble and the other A-listers when they get into fights with him.

However, Mr Wag also seems to have an issue with the OLPC; I support the OLPC .

The complaint that OLPC has forced Intel and others to produce cheaper PCs for the developing world doesn’t make sense. If the developing world is flooded is cheap computers. Fine! That’s a success.

If my experience of Africa is anything to go by; support is a non-issue as well. How does Mr Wag think that mobile phones are maintained in  Sudan?