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Google changes the game…

Google has announced that they now have a forms interface to the Google Spreadsheet application…

Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

This is massive news. Google is building the next generation of office and the functionality set isn’t the same as our desktop applications.

They now have applications for collecting data, manipulating data, analyzing data. All they need is workflow applications and things will get very interesting.

BBC Correspondents Map…

Now you can see how the BBC rates the importance of each country. Just compare the number of reporters.

Italy is more important than Spain, California less than Brussels and China more than India.  Can’t help that there are so many in Paris because they like living here and because it provides easy filler “death of the baguette” stories every three months etc.

BBC Correspondents Map

Get paid for writing rubbish…

“He is the man who nearly broke the bank … and who is fast becoming a hero to millions of his compatriots.”

French rally behind rogue trader as fraud scandal spreads | Business | The Observer

I had ten adults in my flat yesterday and we all discussed “the scandal”; not one person referred to anyone in the affair as a “hero”. This morning at work I see even less sign that he’s a hero!

Who makes this stuff up?

Equity Derivatives House of the Year award for 2008… Great moments in journalism, Risk Magazine edition

“Risk Magazine — the finance industry magazine focused on risk management — presented, this very month, its Equity Derivatives House of the Year award for 2008 to… ta daa… Societe Generale.”

You can’t make things like this up.

I suppose that this the related to the curse of the Fortune cover. You know the one, boss appears on the cover of Fortune and a week later sales plummet.

A new style for Management Books…

Why can’t he write his books like this?

tompeters! management consulting leadership training development project management

Get rid of the management speak and write it as comedy!

OLPC spin-off…

This just gets more and more interesting by the day…

Former OLPC CTO aims to create $75 laptop | InfoWorld | News | 2008-01-09 | By Agam Shah, IDG News Service

How about a cheap eBook using OLPC technology?

More OLPC…

OLPC’s Negroponte seeks truce with Intel and deal with Microsoft | Between the Lines |

The longer that this drags on the more it hurts Intel and Microsoft. At the moment they look like they played hardball with a charity. In the short-term they’ll win but in the long term they be hurt; it’s Netscape vs. Microsoft all over again.

OLPC sales figures announced…

OLPC campaign nets $35 million; 100,000 units go to emerging markets | Between the Lines |

I’d say that selling 200,000 laptops that nobody had seen was a great start.

However, I maintain that they need to sell them outside the US and that they need more than a limited time offer.