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Google to “open” Facebook…

2008 is supposed to be the year that Google takes on Facebook; there is the hidden assumption behind this statement that it’s not taking on Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and the whole mobile phone industry.

First, Open Social tries to move widgets and social network applications out from the individual network and onto the web.

Then the crystal ball watchers see that Gmail may offer Friend Updates. Gmail To Offer Friend Updates?

That’s a good start they’d then have a way of publishing status and a way of moving applications out of the silos, however the third leg of the stool is getting the information out of the various silos. And then Spokeo comes along…

How to Change the World: Reality Check: Spokeo

More on Ché Scoble…

Nicolas Carr has a good review on the Scoble vs. Facebook fight.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Scoble: freedom fighter or data thief?

If I remember correctly from my training, the data remains the information of the person that entered it. Also, the company storing the data, in this case Facebook, should not use it any way that hasn’t been agreed to by the originator of the data. If they do not protect the data they’re in breach of their data privacy rules.

If I’m right, it means that Scoble doesn’t have a leg to stand on and will loose his Facebook access for good.

I suppose the way to look at this is that Facebook’s terms of service are the way that Facebook applies data privacy law and ensures that it protects the data of the users that Scoble has linked to. Scoble isn’t alone, he’s got to think of the 5000 people he’s linked to; he needs permission from the 5000 to do this.

Can you hear the boom? That’s the Scoble effect…

Scoble’s done something and got his Facebook account blocked. My bet was that he was getting his contacts out to put in another system. TechCrunch UK reports it here…

TechCrunch UK » Blog Archive » Facebook blocks Scoble for downloading his contacts

The Facebook people are currently asleep, this will probably be out of control by the time that they wake up. Scoble can blog quicker than they can react.

It’s a pity that Facebook isn’t on the NASDAQ because I’d like to measure the Scoble effect!

Facebook starts to putting users first or…

…maybe they’re just going to make money by charging to send users emails.

“Starting today, we’ll begin blocking links in Mini-Feed, Notifications, and Notification Emails which lead to the installation of another application in the hopes that developers focus on user experience and engagement being paramount, not deceiving users for the sake of growth.

Happy Hacking!”

Facebook Developers | Facebook Developers News

The importance of context in profiles…

The Google Operating System blog has a good list of Google type of predictions for 2008.

Predictions for Google’s 2008

However, in point one ther’s this…

“If Google doesn’t understand that your Gmail contacts aren’t necessarily your friends, we’ll see a huge privacy backslash.”

How difficult can this be to understand? And why hasn’t Facebook realised it already? I want to present different views of myself to different populations; it’s not rocket science.

The first network that gets this right will have a massive advantage over the others.