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I can’t imagine…

…why Google doesn’t show “the big picture”. 

“Google uses this opportunity to show that maps are valuable to track events and see the big picture, but it would’ve been nice to also see photos, videos and news related to this event.”

Track the Olympic Torch Relay

Google has already shown that i’s willing to do things to protect China. Another one on this list?

Scoble changes his mind…

“Gmail is faster. Easier to use. Has better spam blocking. A nicer interface. Is better integrated into Google Calendar, which I’ve also switched to. Is far more productive.”Switching to Gmail… « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

So this morning I read a Scoble link to an article about how Office was the best application because of the additional functionality. This evening he’s changed his mind.

It’s funny the way that we’ve separated email from the rest of Office but in fact they’re the same; to the point that Word is the email editor in Outlook.

If Google Docs isn’t good enough because you can’t paste an image into it. Why isn’t that an issue in Gmail?

Google Docs vs. Office…

“The irony is you could go out right now, and get a whole Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote) for $120 at Newegg, and you can install it on three different computers. And it works great and has tons more features than Google Docs. And it has no ads. Imagine that!”


Comment of the Day: “Google Docs is Chock Full of Fail” – ReadWriteWeb


 This is very right, but yet so wrong… 

  • Sharing documents in Office is a pain and yet so easy in Docs. 
  • This calculation only works if you’ve three PCs on the same OS to install it on.
  • Why can’t I pay Microsoft the dollar a month to avoid the up front investment?
  • All this to keep a list of CDs or write the shopping list? 

Does Docs need to improve? Yes, massively. Especially in for large data sets and with graphics but they’re out of the gate and it’s the right price.

Google Earth Virtual World…

Whenever I talk to someone about Virtual Worlds, something that happens far too often because of some experiences I had last year, they ask when Google is going to launch a virtual world.

Then the question moves to, is Google Earth a virtual world in the making? I think no simply because it’s not very good when you get to the human scale. If we all wandered around it like Godzilla it could work!!!

Anyway, everyone’s been expecting a Google virtual world and here it is…

Google Earth Hacks blog » Google Earth MMO coming soon – want to beta test it?

Nope it’s no what I was expecting either (it’s not even done by Google) but a fantastic effort all the same.

Google changes the game…

Google has announced that they now have a forms interface to the Google Spreadsheet application…

Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

This is massive news. Google is building the next generation of office and the functionality set isn’t the same as our desktop applications.

They now have applications for collecting data, manipulating data, analyzing data. All they need is workflow applications and things will get very interesting.

This could be massive…

Apparently is going to launch into Open Science…

Google To Become Open Source Science Repository

At Le Web 3 in 2006 Hans Rosling made a call for all data to be open and for someone to build better tools to analyze the data. He’s now at Google and in his 2007 keynote he talked about the need for technical people and presenters (he classed himself as a presenter). It seems that he’s getting his wish; this really could be a world changing project!

Wonder if they’re hiring!

Google to “open” Facebook…

2008 is supposed to be the year that Google takes on Facebook; there is the hidden assumption behind this statement that it’s not taking on Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and the whole mobile phone industry.

First, Open Social tries to move widgets and social network applications out from the individual network and onto the web.

Then the crystal ball watchers see that Gmail may offer Friend Updates. Gmail To Offer Friend Updates?

That’s a good start they’d then have a way of publishing status and a way of moving applications out of the silos, however the third leg of the stool is getting the information out of the various silos. And then Spokeo comes along…

How to Change the World: Reality Check: Spokeo

The importance of context in profiles…

The Google Operating System blog has a good list of Google type of predictions for 2008.

Predictions for Google’s 2008

However, in point one ther’s this…

“If Google doesn’t understand that your Gmail contacts aren’t necessarily your friends, we’ll see a huge privacy backslash.”

How difficult can this be to understand? And why hasn’t Facebook realised it already? I want to present different views of myself to different populations; it’s not rocket science.

The first network that gets this right will have a massive advantage over the others.

Why less is more…

I always wondered about the total number of hit in a Google search. The Google Operating System Blog explains the process in more detail; Google Finds Less Search Results.

The surprise to me was here:

“When you perform a search, the results are often displayed with the information: Results 1 – 10 of about XXXX. Google’s calculation of the total number of search results is an estimate. We understand that a ballpark figure is valuable, and by providing an estimate rather than an exact account, we can return quality search results faster.”

I’ve seen business plans based on that estimate. That it is;

  1. An estimate.
  2. Likely to radically change overnight.

is shocking. Just proves that you should never assume.