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So fragile…

The thing that amazes me most is how fragile the supply chains are these days. A sports event is going to have an effect on global drug prices….

“Over the past decade, many chemicals factories in India have closed down, as they were unable to compete with imports from China.But during the Olympics, Mr Majmudar says factories around Beijing have been shut in an effort to cut pollution.”

BBC NEWS | Business | China chemicals starve Indian pharma

How America Lost the War on Drugs : Rolling Stone

How America Lost the War on Drugs : Rolling Stone

All told, the United States has spent an estimated $500 billion to fight drugs – with very little to show for it. Cocaine is now as cheap as it was when Escobar died and more heavily used. Methamphetamine, barely a presence in 1993, is now used by 1.5 million Americans and may be more addictive than crack. We have nearly 500,000 people behind bars for drug crimes – a twelvefold increase since 1980 – with no discernible effect on the drug traffic. Virtually the only success the government can claim is the decline in the number of Americans who smoke marijuana – and even on that count, it is not clear that federal prevention programs are responsible. In the course of fighting this war, we have allowed our military to become pawns in a civil war in Colombia and our drug agents to be used by the cartels for their own ends. Those we are paying to wage the drug war have been accused of ­human-rights abuses in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. In Mexico, we are now ­repeating many of the same mistakes we have made in the Andes.

“What we learned was that in drug work, nothing ever stands still,” says Coleman, the former DEA official and current president of Drug Watch International, a law-and-order advocacy group. For every move the drug warriors made, the traffickers adapted. “The other guys were learning just as we were learning,” Coleman says. “We had this hubris.”

The war on drugs isn’t even debated any more; it’s a political given, all the parties offer almost identical policies and yet the facts are horrendous.

The impossibility of defeating an enemy who can adapt as quickly as you is a lesson that everyone in politics needs to learn.

Fantastic article in Rolling Stone (again!).