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Life’s a pig when…

…you’re working on a blog that revolves around people doing technical jobs and the job gets technical.

Surely Google is aiming their product at the webapp-coding world; apparently they’re aiming for my Grandmother…

“By page three, McCloud has lost the entire non-webapp-coding world. “The Gears guys were saying that one of the problems with browsers is they’re inherently single-threaded.” The majority of misfortunates who try to read this comic on Tuesday will have no idea who the Gears guys are. They’ll puzzle at the statement browsers inherently frimble frotz foobar. The rest of the 38-page book reads like the middle of a Neal Stephenson novel. Did you know that taking screenshots and creating a cryptographic hash is an imprecise way to compare layouts? It’s true.”

Google Chrome: Google’s browser comic kind of sucks

Google Docs goes down just in time for morning meetings…

Seems that ValleyWag doesn’t understand that Google Docs now works offline. However, that wouldn’t make a good story for them.

Breakdowns: Google Docs goes down just in time for morning meetings

Also of note; they don’t understand that morning meetings are occuring 24/7 a week because there are meetings that occur outside of the valley!