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FolderShare downgrade…

There are a number of articles like this around at the moment…

FolderShare vs. Dropbox – GigaOM

I’ve been a Foldershare user for years, on the whole it’s been very good except when they had “server issues”.

However, the new version is awful. The old version listed the synced directories, the number of files they contained and how they were synced. In a single page you could see the complete status.

Now Microsoft has got their developers on the case. It looks prettier but the summary view has gone. This simple change makes it much harder to use. At least they were sensible enough to keep the Mac version.

After a year, Vista sucks articles continue…

In the year 2012 someone will write a bestseller about Vista. It’s an operatic tragedy in multiple parts.

Could Windows 7 be the best Windows yet? | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com

As an aside, the best thing that they could do for Windows 7 is keep that name. Nothing fancy just a version number.