St George’s Hall, Liverpool

“For at the risk of invoking some of the many slurs thrown at both us and the city of Liverpool over the years, I feel I need to say that while it is an unpalatable truth for a portion of the population and one that they would really rather not hear or accept, it is the shameful truth that for the vast majority of the past 27 years, we the families, the survivors and the fans, were systematically and maliciously bullied, intimidated, manipulated, lied to and lied about. We were used for personal and political gain, marginalised and publicly vilified by those in our country who were placed in positions of power and influence, which were primarily designed to support, protect and administer our fundamental rights.

It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that for most of the families, lives have been irreparably damaged. People have suffered illness and trauma, brought on by years of ongoing stress. Hillsborough has permeated our lives to such an extent that we now no longer have any idea of the people we would have been without its influence.”

How are we, the Hillsborough families, still standing? We took the power back | Julie Fallon