The death of the record industry…


So there was a massive panic and then the industry realigned to the new reality and now they make more money than ever.

Is this a plan for AI?

What we forget every day…

“And they would understand that the people of our time are so wealthy, so powerful, that every one of them has access to machines with thousands of parts working in concert, and that it is less effort to build such a wondrous machine than to simply paint a doll’s eyebrows in their right places.”

A Child’s Plaything — Toby Ord

At the end of the day we’re all magicians.

Paris bans cars: The city pulled off an urban dream…

Sometimes you only see yourself through the eyes of others!

Two photos of 12 Place de la République, from 2014 and 2023, showing a dramatic increase in bikers and reduction in car traffic.Paris bans cars: The city pulled off an urban dream. Is it a model or a warning?

Ice Ice Matrix…

The peerless, one and only, Everything is a Remix ended ten days ago. If you’ve never seen it; where have you been?

And then just to prove the point someone has used Deepfake to create the video version of a mashup. Wonderful!

Were the lyrics always this good?


Trying GPT-4.

I’m not sure where this goes (and anyone who pretends to know is selling snake oil) but I’m pretty sure it’s important.

However, they need to make the marketing shots look less like a sci-fi film where the AI has already subordinated humanity.

People sitting in a warmly lit library working on laptops at long tables


Random thoughts…