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Mail on Sunday: How dare you…

“This newspaper believes that this is not the time to risk the peace and prosperity of our nation.

The economy will not implode if we leave, but it is naive to assume – as the Brexiteers do – that the Europe we reject but must continue to trade with will readily cut us a new deal, let alone one better than the one we have today.

We may be lured by the notion of being marginally freer, but we will be significantly poorer. For modern Great Britain to thrive and prosper we must work with, not against, our European partners; we must keep our seat at Europe’s top table and help shape its destiny; our strong, clear voice must be heard inside Europe, not be shouted from the sidelines.

This newspaper believes in a safe, free, and prosperous future for this proud country. And so we urge you, our readers, not to take a leap into the dark. Vote to remain in the European Union – for an even greater”

:THE MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Vote Remain for a safer, freer, more prosperous – and, yes, an even GREATER Britain  | Daily Mail Online

The Daily and Sunday Mail have spent the last 25 years attacking, vilifying and lying about the EU and Britain’s relationship with other European nations.

All of these efforts have had an effect on the EU. Part of the reason today we have so much trouble finding a way forward together is because of the lack of trust that this campaign has created. The Daily Mail is not alone but its role has been key.

Today was the day for The Mail to come out and stand on its values and it didn’t. Instead it writes an editorial about leaving will hurt the wallet of its readers.

Will The Mail papers now fight for a progressive, integrated and forward looking Europe or in ten days will they be back to talking about Health and Safety, European Courts and Eurocrats?

I think that we all know the answer but the behaviour of The Mail over the last 25 years and in particular the last 25 hours bring shame on its owners, editors and writers.

Ban sending books to prisoners…

What, why, how?

“An inspection report published on March 18th on Wetherby prison, which holds 180 young boys, praised the jail for only containing the children in their cells for 16 hours a day during the week and 20 hours a day at weekends. Whilst many will not want to read a book to pass these endless hours, many boys I have met in prison do indeed read avidly.”

UK Tories ban sending books to prisoners – Boing Boing.

US and UK: Enemies of the Internet…

“Internet censorship and surveillance have a direct impact on fundamental rights. Online free expression facilitates a free debate on subjects of general interest. It also facilitates development, good government and the implementation of democratic guarantees. In a resolution adopted on 5 July 2012, the UN Human Rights Council said that the rights recognized in the Read More”

Enemies of the Internet | Entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance.

Britain’s 100 years of conflict…

“If 2015 is a year of peace for the UK, it will be the first for at least 100 years.”


Britain’s 100 years of conflict | UK news |

100 years of pain and suffering and nothing to show for it.