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The 1937 World Expo of Paris…

Paris World Expo of 1937 Old Photos

The 1937 World Expo of Paris: History, Images and the German-Soviet Face-Off – Rare Historical Photos

Two things…

  • It looks so contemporary.
  • Disneyland is basically a copy!

More seriously, this was two years before world war and it looks so nice.

Architects fight democracy…

“The trouble with EPCOT had always been that a city required citizens, and citizens would demand a variety of rights, including voting rights. Disney, of course, would not want to extend private citizens voting rights over the property they had fought so hard to have total control over. The situation was never fully resolved. To this day, Disney does have full time citizens who live on their property… carefully selected citizens, who have been encouraged or otherwise persuaded to vote as the Mouse tells them to.”

Passport to Dreams Old & New: Lake Buena Vista and Shaping Orlando


Crystal Hotel…

“If you want to go with a room-and-board analogy, I’d say something more like a strict condominium board is more apt than a prison. Or a long-term-stay hotel. And in Hotel Apple, everything is very nice — looks cool, smells good, everything is clean and looks like new. But: you’re not allowed to move the furniture around, and you’re not allowed to bring in outside food that hasn’t been approved by Apple.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: The EFF: Apples Crystal Prison and the Future of Open Platforms

Reminds me of a story of Frank Lloyd Wright that I was told on the tour of Roby House.

Once the house was completed he would visit the owners from time to time. When he visited he would put furniture (that he’s designed to go with the house) back in their original places!