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Architects fight democracy…

“The trouble with EPCOT had always been that a city required citizens, and citizens would demand a variety of rights, including voting rights. Disney, of course, would not want to extend private citizens voting rights over the property they had fought so hard to have total control over. The situation was never fully resolved. To this day, Disney does have full time citizens who live on their property… carefully selected citizens, who have been encouraged or otherwise persuaded to vote as the Mouse tells them to.”

Passport to Dreams Old & New: Lake Buena Vista and Shaping Orlando


The Second Disease Ever Eradicated…

“In 1986, cases of Guinea worm disease numbered more than 3.5 million worldwide. Now, globally, there are only 126 cases left”

The Second Disease Ever Eradicated – Health – The Atlantic.

US and UK: Enemies of the Internet…

“Internet censorship and surveillance have a direct impact on fundamental rights. Online free expression facilitates a free debate on subjects of general interest. It also facilitates development, good government and the implementation of democratic guarantees. In a resolution adopted on 5 July 2012, the UN Human Rights Council said that the rights recognized in the Read More”

Enemies of the Internet | Entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance.