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Michael Nyman composes Hillsborough memorial…

I could not think of a better person for the job.

“Celebrated British composer Michael Nyman has composed a Hillsborough memorial symphony to open 2014’s Liverpool Biennial on 5 July.”


BBC News – Michael Nyman composes Hillsborough memorial symphony.

1900: Battle of Spion Kop

It’s the anniversary today. Yes, this the reason we watch matches from the Kop.

Boers at Spion Kop, 1900 - Project Gutenberg eText 16462.jpg

The Battle of Spion Kop was fought about 38 km 24 mi west-south-west of Ladysmith on the hilltop of Spioenkop1 along the Tugela River, Natal in South Africa from 23–24 January 1900.

It was fought between the South African Republic and the Orange Free State on the one hand and British forces during the Second Boer War during the campaign to relieve Ladysmith.

It was a British defeat.

Battle of Spion Kop – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Olympic Powers…


CountryTotal Medals

1 United States                     929

2 Germany*                    400

3 Soviet Union                    395

4 Great Britain                    207

5 France                            191

6 Italy                                    190

7 Other nations            2191

Total                                    4503

BBC Sport – London 2012 Olympics – Timeline Olympic Powers.