£400m for UK Media…

TechCrunch UK » Blog Archive » With Highfield gone, the BBC must now open upWhat should the BBC do with a £400m budget for new media? I have one suggestion; forget the technology!Being so large the BBC could (and should) have the ability to change the game. I’d use the £400m to open up the archives. Wouldn’t be great if we could see all the archives pre-1995. If the BBC worked on the legal side then start-ups could work on the technology.How much would you pay to hear the radio bulletin of the day that you were born? Or that old TV show that you loved aged eight that nobody has ever heard of?

I can’t imagine…

…why Google doesn’t show “the big picture”. 

“Google uses this opportunity to show that maps are valuable to track events and see the big picture, but it would’ve been nice to also see photos, videos and news related to this event.”

Track the Olympic Torch Relay

Google has already shown that i’s willing to do things to protect China. Another one on this list?