Hugh MacLeod asks for commissions…

Hugh is asking for commissions…

“I’m going to be hanging out my shingle more in the cartooning department. I think it’s time.”

gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: gapingvoid commissions

Anyone who has read this and this will know that think that Hugh’s work is fantastic and worth every cent.

I’ll add the final part to the story to the blog over the weekend.

Knowing your worst nightmare…

“My nightmare: I’m piloting a spaceship over the surface of the Empire’s Death Cube, which is folding randomly because of a warp in space-time, and my only hope is to fly to the left and insert the trapezoidal nose of my ship into the trapezoidal hole of the Death Cube’s energy portal. And then I look out my window and see that the Cube is made out of seafood.”

Joho the Blog » I am up-down dyslexic

$100 of value…

For $100 you can buy CDs that contain all the National Geographic magazines since they started over 100 years ago. Basically, they make a fantastic present. Why do I know? I have one.

Now you’d imagine that they have a pretty slick operation around this so that I can keep my software up to date. And even subscribe to updates.

Well think again. From the support web site…

Updates and Replacements
There have been four previous iterations of the National Geographic Complete package (108 Years, 109 Years, 110 Years and 111 Years), and each was released by different companies. All are incompatible with each other and act as stand-alone products. Some were 16-bit (and thus incompatible with our current 32-bit version), others were just constructed differently by the companies contracted to produce them over the past few years.

Unfortunately the only solution for this is to purchase National Geographic: 10 Legendary Years. This will bring any version you own up to the year 2000. However, this too will be a stand-alone program (the 10 Legendary Years). It will not be accessible via your older National Geographic program.

So for example if you have the National Geographic 108 Years—it ends at 1996. For any years up to 1996 you could use your original program, but to view the years 1997-2000 you would need to open the 10 Legendary Years program separately. And yes, since the 10 Legendary Years product also includes the years 1990-1996 there will be some overlap.

The only way to have a complete and fully integrated product is to purchase the current full set, National Geographic 112 Years. We apologize for any inconvenience.

National Geographic Magazine CD-ROMs: Technical Support, Help

Recommend a product that you’ve never tasted?

A few weeks ago I found myself in California and talking to Eileen Hassi who part owns Ritual Roasters in San Francisco. The conversation started with the normal “what do you do?” and then she blew me away.

She had the perfect one line response, which led to my second question, to which she had another perfect response; and on and on. After a half day spent in her company not once was I left with the impression that she was less than 100% committed. Her commitment and obsession with her product seemed total.

I’ve rarely been so impressed by someone. And this is a three store coffee chain!

So I finally got around to looking her up on Google tonight and this is the quote I see…

Ms. Hassi said she was at a party recently when someone came up to her and offered a profusion of thanks. “He said, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you for opening your cafe.’ “

Street Scene – Cafe Capitalism, San Francisco Style –

Can I recommend a coffee house without ever seeing it? Hell yes!

Issue sending mail on an Orange ADSL connection…

So you’re on holiday in France. And your hosts have given you a wi-fi connection using their “Livebox”.

Of course, this took longer than anyone expected simply because everyone had forgotten that you had to press a button on the back for the first connection from a new machine. That remembered, everything is working perfectly except one thing. You can’t send mail.

Doesn’t matter how many times you try. It can’t reach the smtp server.

Well try this. Change the port that you send the mail out on to 587. Orange blocks some of the standard ones.  No idea why.

Hopefully, this will help someone out there.

Site Updates…

I’ve updated the personal profile and Accenture pages on the blog.

Now that I’ve spoken about Accenture on the blog I needed to update the rules that I’ve given myself!

Hugh MacLeod: Part II

Part I of this story can be found here… Not loving the core product… (A Hugh MacLeod story: Part I)

On May 4th 2008 Hugh published this…


This I loved for two reasons; first, it was a page of drawing without characters or words; second,it showed a part of the process of creating the larger work. I’m very interested about the process that artists go to to get to the final product. It’s often far more complex than most people believe.

Hugh is one of those bloggers who publishes his email address. Therefore, I simply emailed him. Told him that I loved the series of Moleskins and asked him if he’d consider framing one and selling it.

Hugh replied in minutes that he was planning on framing one for sale. I replied and asked for a price.

This is the moment that Hugh showed himself to be a true gentlemen. It would have been so easy to have sold his work on eBay or to have published on his blog that he was thinking of selling the work. Either way I believe he could have made far more money than by selling it to me. Hugh could have made life very difficult for me but he didn’t. He treated a guy that he didn’t know very well and I’m eternally grateful.

Hugh quoted a price that I think was fair; although it was enough to make me think twice and to discuss it with Mrs Wilkinson! But in 48 hours we had a deal.

Delivery is for Part III.