Economist at it again…

“WHETHER to teach young children a second language is disputed among teachers, researchers and pushy parents. On the one hand, acquiring a new tongue is said to be far easier when young. On the other, teachers complain that children whose parents speak a language at home that is different from the one used in the classroom sometimes struggle in their lessons and are slower to reach linguistic milestones. Would 15-month-old Tarquin, they wonder, not be better off going to music classes?”

Bringing up baby bilingually | Twice blessed | The Economist

How lovely and old fashioned; strangely English in it’s world view.

Where to start?

  • The vast majority of the world is bilingual not by choice but because it is a minimum requirement of daily life.
  • What is also missing is the understanding that the advantage is not just limited to language; it’s the fact that you learn and understand another culture.