Natural resources…

“Tracy, Cardiff, 14/3/2011 10:47 No, it was an earthquake, Duh!!! ” By removing the oil from the earth, we are removing the lubricant between the plates, restricting their movement, nothing flows as easy at it should. Think about it… we ARE taking too much of the planets resources

– Howard Trigg, Swindon, Uk, 14/3/2011″

Japan tsunami video shows tidal wave destroying everything in its path | Mail Online.

I give up.

A fun day out for the family…

The tide has now turned; people have really started kicking the place now that it’s down.

This paragraph sums up the article. Nobody comes out of this with an ounce of respect intact…

“The track sits in a wasteland surrounded by the exhausted squirm of motorways. I walk around it and look not at the galloping horses and their bright jockeys but back up at the stands. Here in one long panorama is the Dantean vision of modern Dubai—the Arabs huddled in a glass dome, looking like creatures from a Star Trek episode in their sepulchral winding-sheet dishdashas. Next to them are the stands for Westerners, mostly British, loud and drunk, dressed in their tarty party gear. The girls, raucous and provocative, have fat thighs that wobble in tiny frocks. Cantilevered bosoms lurch. The boys, spiky and gelled, glassy-eyed and leering. In the last enclosure, the Asians, packed in with families and picnics, excited to be out of the Portakabin dormitories and the boredom and the homesickness of Internet cafés. In front of them all are the ranks of wired-up security guards, making sure the layers of this mutually dismissive society don’t pollute each other. After the horses have run, Elton John will perform.”

Dubai on Empty | Culture | Vanity Fair