Predictions for the week…

So it’s the WWDC…

WWDC Preview, Windows 8 Peek, And Free iCloud Wishes — InformationWeek.

Monday will be filled with predictions. Apple has got themselves in a position where they have to have a “oh, and one more thing moment”. This makes things difficult for journalists. Apple has already announced a load of stuff and pretty much said that there won’t be a new phone. This makes the journalists “creative” as they look for a story.

Tuesday, will be a day of reporting. Apple announced this… There will also be a load of articles about how it’s wonderful marketing was. Wait for a day of lists; this what they announced, this what they didn’t.

Wednesday is the “it was disappointing” day. We’ll remember that Apple wants to make a profit and therefore things aren’t cheap, that a lot of this stuff will be quite simple. In fact, this has to be the moment when Apple got old and things started to fall apart. Wednesday is the day that my grandmother calls to check my phone still works because she heard on the news that Apple is broken.

Thursday and the press is now counting the days till the end of Apple. Will they survice to Christmas? We’ll get long articles about how Apple announced nothing new, it’s all already available in other products.

Friday. The conference will be over. People that actually understand this stuff will start writing about the conference sessions. Someone will remember that this is only a first version of iCloud, that there will be updates and that it has one cool feature; it’s usable!

By Friday evening I’ll be with my iPad and the bottle of wine on the sofa. I’ll realise that the world moved just slightly but that it moved.