Unchanged BBC…

The thing that strikes one in the BBC – and it is evidently same in various of the other departments – is not so much the moral squalor and the ultimate futility of what we are doing, as the feeling of frustration, the impossibility of getting anything done, even any successful piece of scoundrelism.

21.6.42 | Orwell Diaries 1938-1942.

The marketplace…

Is he serious?

“With Steve Jobs gone and Apple finally allowed to take some cues from the marketplace”

I, Cringely » Blog Archive The coming tablet computer rumble – I, Cringely – Cringely on technology.

Think like Alan Turing…

“Lasar has a lovely list of seven of Alan Turing’s habits of thought”

HOWTO think like Alan Turing – Boing Boing

What I’d like to do is understand what his parents did. That would be a more important lesson.

Between a Rock…

“If I’m right, it’s inevitable now that Microsoft will acquire Nokia.”

Daring Fireball: Surface: Between a Rock and a Hardware Place.

You have to ask what it feels like to be a Nokia stock holder at the moment.

In three years you’ve gone from number one in market share and nice profits to being a loss making part of the Microsoft eco-system.

Microsoft has a monopoly on  Nokia devices and now can just wait for Nokia to beg to be bought.

Can’t wait for the first Nokia designed PCs however.