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So fragile…

The thing that amazes me most is how fragile the supply chains are these days. A sports event is going to have an effect on global drug prices….

“Over the past decade, many chemicals factories in India have closed down, as they were unable to compete with imports from China.But during the Olympics, Mr Majmudar says factories around Beijing have been shut in an effort to cut pollution.”

BBC NEWS | Business | China chemicals starve Indian pharma

The Olympic spirit…

“The committee which the government dismissed was elected in 2004, in line with the Olympic movement’s regulations.

Its chairman, Ahmad al-Samarra’i, and several other members were abducted by gunmen while attending a meeting in central Baghdad in July 2006.


They have not been seen since.


The Iraqi government said it took the move because the committee was corrupt and had not been functioning properly.”


BBC SPORT | Olympics | Iraq banned from Beijing Olympics 

Don’t rent a car here…

“Many locals pay substitutes to take driving tests for them; leaving many of the city’s new rich with big cars but only the most basic driving skills. Reverse parking their brand new Audi means summoning aid, usually from a passerby or, even better, a taxi driver.

Welcome to China’s backwater – population five million | World news | guardian.co.uk

41 Chinese companies are changing the world but none of them has a brand worth talking about.

As I pointed out a couple of days ago, the Top 100 brands was dominated by old western brands. However, it seems that the world will be changed 41 times just by the Chinese!!!

41 Chinese Companies Are Changing The World – China Law Blog.

Either their going to grow brands quickly; which makes a mockery of the Top 100 brands valuations or they just won’t need brands; therefore making a mockery of the Top 100 brand valuations!!!